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Quality Assurance

As industry services are becoming more mature, quality product and services is not only becoming requirement of customer but also of various compliance and regulatory requirement. Impact of substandard product is not only limited to organizations immediate client but also encompasses huge number of users which are at lowest node of supply chain. Any negligence or mistake at any level can cause unrecoverable damage to end users resulting in loss of customers confidence. Such accidents can only be avoided by proactive quality assurance. QA Testing or Quality Assurance testing is a semantic technique that is used to examine products and software services. Successful QA testing adds flavor of confidence to every stage of software development life cycle.

Application development being one of the most crucial stages in software life cycle is incomplete without QA testing. Quality assurance as know by its definition “fitness for use” plays important role in purifying each and every stage of product by co-relating all such pre-defined criteria defined for fitness with actual product.

Mountain Infotech Systems expertise in QA and testing will help to identify any issues much before inception of your application in production.

At Mountain Infotech Systems we believe that Quality Assurance process must begin at the earliest stage of any project. Returning customer is a reward which well tested bug-free software product gives to its developer. We allocate significant portion of software development cycle time for quality assurance. Our quality assurance group has collected vast experience from various industries which reflects in processes and testing workflows used during testing software products. Thorough regression testing methodologies are used so that application behaves as expected when deployed in actual production environment where multiple other application interact with newly development application.

We have established offshore practices which we leverage for fast completion of complex QA testing processes.

We have various set of testing services such as Automation testing, Functional testing, Performance testing, Localization testing, Mobile testing, Regression testing and E-commerce testing to validate as per need.

Functional Testing Services:

Main purpose of the application is to deliver results which users are looking for. This expected application behavior or response forms the functional requirement of product. At first our technicians will define test cases required to cover fulfillment of all functional requirements and quantify efforts required. Functional testing performed during early stages of Software development life cycle (SDLC) is proved to detect possible future defects well in advance.

Performance Testing Services:

Once the functional testing scope is well covered it makes sense to set next goal to focus on application performance. There may be always scope to eliminate unnecessary loops, wait time, add more hints to program flow, multiprocessing, multithreading to optimize applications performance. Although much of actual work will be covered by development team, it is responsibility of QA team to identify such gaps and share detailed analysis which will save development teams significant time. Business around us is getting evolved every day with introduction of newer technologies such as social media, cloud computing, mobile, IoT platforms etc. Given these speed changes in technology, QA tools, techniques for performance tuning needs to be tailored to suite trending application platforms. We are geared to keep pace with dynamic application platform and help you with your performance testing needs.

Automation Testing Services:

Customers ever growing feature expectations and brainy hacker’s attempts sneak thru application vulnerabilities is posing more challenges to cover all the test cases to ensure application health. Given this just functional test cases and performance test cases are not enough but security testing, compliance testing are adding more to the list of test cases. To give best value of money to our clients it is prudent to automate testing processes to cover all test cases and deliver results with fast pace. QA testing companies should be proactive to identify latest tools and techniques which will help to uncover unwanted gaps of application more efficiently. Our QA testing team while ensuring quality of the application also explore new tools and technologies to bring more automation and add value to the project.

Localization Testing Services:

Usage of applications is no more local and confined to one city, state or country. Organizations develop applications which will cater need of customers all across the globe. Although application feature remains same, users who uses this application varies widely and testing approach to test it from user’s perspective can change from place to place. Wide difference in number of languages used by end users also play important consideration while defining testing strategy. Well-designed testing strategy will acknowledge these differences and give required weightage to end users who are going to use organizations products. By using localization testing, all essential factors will be tested by our experts.

Mobile Testing Services:

Platform independence is the buzzword started with introduction of Java in the industry and it is still prevailing, in fact became de facto standard requirement for any new application. Newly developed technologies and advancement in mobile platforms are making user interfaces appealing to wide range of users but at the same time adding more complexities in various layers of the application. This demands application to tested on various operating system like iOS or Android platform. We are well prepared to accelerate your journey in competitive market with well-designed strategies for testing.

Regression Testing Services:

Varied pattern of availability of input data from various sources, fact that different data is available at different time of the day, fact that source data highly depend on various market happenings, fact that application consuming source data don’t have control on volume, velocity, variety with which source data may be available makes testing very complex process. Same test cases executed yesterday may give different result when executed today without application having any changes. Given these risk, thorough regression testing of application keeping in mind dynamic pattern of input data is very important for applications success. Our teams radial approach of handling regression testing will help to mitigate possible risks which may arise as result of immature testing.

E-commerce Testing Services:

Every year there is huge number of additions in consumers who are doing online shopping in comparison with in store shopping. Business applications started more relying on E-commerce software’s. The E-commerce applications comprises of various business processes like online fund transfers, online cart management, inventory management, marketing and supply chain management. This requires e-commerce website whose customer friendly features are fully tested. E-commerce QA team who is testing e- commerce website needs to have knowledge of the web-based testing techniques. E-commerce website testing is performed using different browsers, platforms. Additionally, they are tested using various combinations and different devices like mobile, iPad etc.

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