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Mountain Infotech Systems emerging technology services team will help to excel your business using next generation technologies like Big Data analytics, Cloud computing, Machine learning, Internet of things.

Big data Analytics

Data analytics has been progressing its way thru traditional structured data management which was mainly handled by various Relational DBMS systems evolved during past few decades. With growing complexities of business, data has changed its behavior from structured to unstructured posing more challenges of collecting, storing , processing and analyzing. These challenges are getting multiplied by tremendous volume and performance requirements of data analytics. Mountain Infotech Systems thru its in-depth expertise is ready to deliver Big Data consulting and development services tailored to businesses in healthcare , Banking and Finance, Education , Telecommunications, media and many more.

For enterprises striving to harness complex data processing operations of big data, Mountain Infotech Systems is right place where our Big Data consultants will make data science fulfill your requirements. What you get is valuable decision-making ability which is derived from humongous unstructured data which otherwise is almost impossible to decipher.

Identifying Strategy

We can analyze your current capabilities and lay down strategy which will take capabilities of existing system to next level using true value of Big Data.

Integration of data

we connect data, systems and processes throughout your IT ecosystem to deliver a real-time and complete picture of your data assets and bring them into a single manageable silo.

Governing the data

Data quality plays important role before enterprise can consider it for analysis. Using various data governing techniques, we ensure that all the data at your disposal is complete, clean, and deduplicated. Additionally, we perform proactive governance and quality verification by setting up rules and policies so that data meets your standards at all the times.

Master Data Management

Every organization deliver different products/services and need of master data, changes from organization to organization depending upon end products /services. Up to date and quality master data is important ingredient for your final deliverable. This data being amalgamated from various sources can be very dauting task to clean various sources feed and hand pick only required details. We enable master data management across your enterprise applications such case ERP, accounting, CRM and ensure its consistency and accuracy.

Mining and Aggregation of Data

Chances of missing critical information increases as data variety, data volume and velocity with which this data is ingested increases. Our big data expert will help to combine variety of data from different sources in order to bring them under holistic map. With this focused approach enterprise can derive required information more efficiently.

Big Data Analytics and Reporting

Presentation of analyzed data is important part of organizational communication. Using our advanced Business Intelligence expertise, we can transform vast amounts of unstructured data into visualized, customizable reports. These customizable reports can be enhanced with interactive dashboards to make analytics manageable even for non-tech users.

Cloud Computing

Among many other latest trends in this decade cloud computing is comfortably securing top rank during past few years. With multiple capabilities, this technology successfully attracted enterprises from small size to very large size.
In partnership with many technology providers we can custom build solutions and policies that help transform enterprises from small to large size who are planning their move to the Cloud.

Having experience in IT infrastructure management and transformational services, Mountain Infotech Systems Cloud Services portfolio includes services such as Cloud Maturity Analysis, Application Portfolio Analysis, Implementation, Migration and Cloud Service Management for Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud and then finally Monitoring and Managing and Reporting their applications in Cloud.

Internet of Things

Mountain Infotech Systems collaborates with both startups and enterprises and help them take a leap in this new connected world. Businesses can capitalize on our IoT solutions and Services to improve operational efficiencies, enhance user experiences and create a digital business by connecting people, process and information together.

Mountain Infotech Systems delivers enterprise and consumer Internet of Things applications to support smart initiatives from the diverse industries ranging from the security to the home automation to industrial IoT that can transform business operations and change people’s lives.

We build smart connected products that harness the power of machine learning and advanced analytics to help you become more efficient; providing integrated services to deliver and manage IoT solutions.

From empowering workforce to integrating processes and data, Mountain Infotech Systems IoT services helps businesses stay connected ALWAYS. Get ready to embrace total connectivity for your business and take advantage of the IoT mobile applications development services to stay ahead.

Excel the Business