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Organizations who give importance for professional growth of their staff always prosper. Skilled resources do join organization, grow with experience and then leave to take more challenges. This is cyclic process and maintaining healthy pace of this cycle is responsibility of organizations human resource team. We provide our client with personnel solutions which meet client’s skill and cost expectations. Clients resource needs are thoroughly studied with exclusive attention and prospective candidates are handpicked after proper screening / testing. This case specific attention ensures retention of resources for optimum time and maintain healthy attrition rate for organization.

We have various models to meet your specialized need i.e fixed price, time and material basic, contract to hire, managed services etc. Also our talent acquisition team all ready to fulfill resource needs of various skills and experiences like one listed below.

Placement Options


Organizations may need to adjust workforce based on market condition and varied nature of customer demand year-round. Our temporary staffing option which offers flexibility is perfect suit for such requirements.


Employee management cost can increase with various labor laws. Hiring resources on contract basis reduce organizations burden of staffing by moving risk and cost of employee maintenance to third party recruiters. With this organizations can manage staff with less number human resource personnel and focus more on client requirements and skill development of existing resources rather than dealing with various labor laws and resource issues. We are prepared to relieve our client burden of staffing by contract staffing option.


To create workforce which will accompany organization during long journey may not be possible with just few rounds of interview and may need candidate to give on demonstrate his/her dedication and then award with full time positions. This is win-win situation for both organization and candidate wherein both can access each other’s values / goals and tie a knot for longer journey. In such cases contract to hire is perfect option. Its honor for talent acquisition team if organizations offer full time position after completion of contract terms and conditions.


Under this option we will assumes all responsibility for recruiting and screening candidates which will allow our clients to focus on their business. Our professional recruiters have access to huge resource database which we will use to select perfect candidate for your requirement. On placement selected candidate will be in your Full-time employee list. This is very preferred option when organizations want to have candidate on their long running project.


There are many temporary staffing agencies in market but very few have recruiters with technical and domain background. Experience and domain knowledge of recruiter play important role while screening candidates. Contact us today to learn more.

Nurture the business