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Application development, Maintenance/Support and testing

Typically, software projects of most of the organizations can include any of below

  • Implementation of “Of the shelve” products from third party vendor
  • Customize “Of the Shelve” product from third party vendor and then implement
  • Fully develop customized software application in house.
  • Product support and maintenance of applications already running in production.

Whether it is implementation of third party product / services, customization, inhouse development or production support and maintenance, Mountain Infotech System is there for your help.

Application development

We have resources skilled in wide range of technologies ranging from

  • various scripting and functional programming languages like java, java script, angularjs, python, c++ , PHP, perl , shell, lisp, scala etc
  • Database development and analytics using technologies ranging from traditional Relational database management systems to evolutionary big data management tools and techniques to manage your relational and unstructured data.
  • Business integration using Cloud Computing Services
  • Machine learning and IoT

Our track record puts us in strong position so that we can develop and implement your software projects using various cutting edge tools and technologies.

Application support and maintenance

Mountain Infotech Systems experienced resources are ready to handle support and maintenance needs of your business-critical applications. This service covers various activities like

  • Monitoring of your application for any failures, ensuring business readiness before start of your business
  • Root cause analysis of failures, solution implementation for addressing root cause.
  • Data archival and purging.
  • Performance tuning.
  • Maintenance and support process layout.

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